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India is facing a huge social and environmental crisis

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of India's water bodies are polluted by sewage

54% of India

21 cities

faces high to extremely high
water stress
predicted to run out of groundwater this year itself

..and so is the rest of the world

1 in 10 people

on the planet lack access to clean water

80% of illnesses

By 2025

are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions in developing countries
1.8 billion people are expected to be living in countries with absolute water scarcity
Treating and reusing wastewater can meet 65% of urban water needs.

We're on a mission to solve this crisis

We’re driven by our mission to serve the $17 billion wastewater operations industry to protect natural resources from contamination and accelerate the transition to clean cities with abundant water.
Mansi Jain
CEO and Founder
Past : Data @ IDinsight, Water Reuse @ California Gov Office, Strategy @ WWF Indonesia + NRDC
Rajesh Jain
R&D Lead and Sector Expert
IIT - Delhi
Past : Led 700+ projects in water sector; expert partner on water for GIZ and Dutch Embassy
Mansi and Rajesh are a father-daughter duo passionate about solving sustainability challenges in emerging markets. After studying Environmental Economics at Stanford and learning how technology can help tackle sustainability problems at scale, Mansi set her eyes on returning to India to start solving water and waste problems in the countries affected by them the most. She found the perfect partner in her father, who had now spent 25 years thinking about these problems and gathering the expertise to solve them.  The rest, as they say, is history.
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In 5 years, we're intending to..


195 million

litres of sewage from entering water bodies daily
Enough to fill


full size

olympic pools.


285 million

litres of usable water daily (enough for 700,000+ people)
Enough water for as many people as living in 

Cape Town

Remove as much CO2 annually as

7 million

mature trees.
More than the total tree population of

New York City,

benefits worth $122 million.
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